Lusi Lim

Lusi Lim

Chief Coach | CEO

I am not made for talks and theories, actions and results are my domain!

Lusi Lim is winner of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World 2012 (世界十大杰出青年) as well as the only double award winner of the Singapore Women’s Weekly Great Women of Our Time 2012 under “Finance & Commerce” and “Most Inspiring Woman” categories. She is a highly sought-after life coach who has transformed the lives of thousands of people.


Lusi’s meteoric rise includes an Accounting Scholarship from London School of Economics, making her first million at the age of 27, and earning an amazing 9 career promotions in just 8 years – she rose from a junior sales consultant to become the youngest and first female COO of a multi-national investment company. And she is comfortably retired at the age of 35.


The secret behind her success lies in the set of soft skills that she has methodised and inculcated over her entire lifetime.


A “Legend” to her Proteges

Mentored and groomed thousands of people from all professions, helping them breakthrough career barriers – earning promotions and income growth from 50% to 100%.

Expertise as a Life Coach

Expert in identifying critical blind spots of individuals that deter their personal growth, and devising methods that are unique and unconventional for each individual to overcome their challenges. Her competence is built upon a wealth of experiences, failures and successes.

Hence she is the beacon of wisdom and inspiration who empowers individuals in outgrowing their problems and achieving a lot more happiness.

Experiential Leadership

A firm believer in learning leadership via real life experiences, Lusi has helped countless business owners and professionals to develop abilities in recruiting the right fit, handling crisis, making the right decisions in life, building stronger teams, fostering better relationships, and improving productivity with sustainable results.

Premier Speaker and Chief Trainer

Lusi’s training sessions are creative, practical and most importantly relevant. She puts heavy emphasis on the “How to Execute” rather than just the “theories”.


ID Course Name Duration Start Date
High-Net-Worth Penetrating into the High Net Worth Client Market 10AM - 6PM July 21, 2022