We don’t just teach the “What” (which is readily available in books, videos and other online sources.)
We FOCUS ON IMPARTING THE “HOW” – Practical and proven steps that really work.

Over the past 12 years, we have created thousands of breakthroughs, including some miraculous results. One of the key reasons is because we don’t just train and give out bunch of notes. We help individuals diagnose their unique “blind spots”, and help them overcome these while expanding their greatest strengths. It’s through these real “changes” which helps with not just breakthrough, but sustainable better results year after year. If you are not sure if we could help you, simply book a complimentary Coaching Call so we can help you with a quick diagnosis.

How much is long term sustainable improvement in results worth to you? Lusi Group is not a typical company that part ways with students after classes end. When we take on a new mentee, it isn’t just another person to fill up the class. We go the extra mile to create real positive changes in his/her habits, way of thinking/decision making, ways of communication, literally overhauling entire systems. That’s why no one can create the kind of breakthroughs like we do (it takes so much hard and “heart” work). Whether Lusi Group courses are worthy investment or not, you wouldn’t need too long to find out. Or you can simply write us off because our fees are beyond the budget you set for your personal growth.

Simple, let us help you diagnose the “root cause” of the challenges you might be facing, or the specific personal growth necessary to achieve your peak results. Just book a complimentary Coaching Call so we can help you with this.

Of course, that’s part of our Winning Formula. And we understand the wisdom behind “Rome wasn’t built overnight”. Many of our students have invested ten of thousands in courses and coaching over the years, yet they still have not experienced sustainable breakthroughs. The main reason is “personality blind spots” or “bad habits”. That’s why the final step of our 3-steps winning formula is “Life-long Mentorship” – where every student is assigned a personal mentor to guide them, answer questions on their implementations, encourage them to challenge bigger goals and help them truly change for the better. No other training companies go to such extent.