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Jonathan Lim

Assistant Vice President

Manulife Financial Advisers


" Before Lusi Group, I had self-limiting beliefs, I thought that TOT was a year-long achievement. Now I've managed to achieve my TOT in under three months. Lusi Group also taught me important Leadership wisdoms so I can duplicate my success and help my team grow."

Pamela Wong

Great Eastern Financial Advisers

"The "Role-Play" activities during the class were very impressive, as Coach Lusi showcased her skills of handling objections effortlessly by asking right questions. The "mini disgnostic" was also very useful to understand some of my "blind spots"."

Vivien Yee


"Coach Lusi is highly knowledgeable and skilled in her area of expertise - Sales. She inspired me to see hope inside myself, and realizing my "blind spots" that are hindering my progress in my career."

Patsy Goh


"I am most impressed by how she always know what right thing to say, or what right question to ask, with every client she meets."


Great Eastern Financial Advisers

"TOT Roadmap is an eye-opener which shows the path and possibility of achieving TOT consistently. It brought me closer to a goal which I always felt was very far to reach or entertain the thought that it can be done consistently."

Eugene Cheah

Great Eastern Financial Advisers

"How Coach Lusi demonstrated her soft skills to turn around most "difficult" prospects is something I never thought is possible."

Shirlene Toh


"I highly recommend TOT Roadmap masterclass to anyone seeking new breakthroughs in their career. Her teachings have been transformative. I am confident that anyone that takes her class will benefit from her wisdom and experience."




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