Lion Hunting Technology (LHT)

How to recruit and retain top sales people. Consistently in good times, bad times, all the times.

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Lusi Lim
Chief Coach | CEO


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Your worth as a sales manager – is always to recruit top sales people, to retain them, motivate them, train them and get them to multiply!


And unless you know how to do it – you will soon become irrelevant to your organisation.


The sales team is the backbone and the bloodstream of any organisation. It determines the revenue and hence affects the growth of your team and the entire organization.


When you recruit the right person you will find that they’re self-motivated and eager to learn. On the other hand, if you hire someone that is not suited for the position, you’ll spend your energy on people that drain you and affect the entire synergy of the team! You need to have a system and a technique to attract them. And even if you have successfully recruited them, you need to have a good system to retain and keep them in the company. And equip them with the right skill sets.


Sad to say – you may be a boss, or even a top producer. But the ability to recruit top sales producers doesn’t always come naturally! It is not naturally learnt – and you simply do not have time for any more wasted years!


Any more wasted time, will mean wasted revenue, wasted resources, wasted investments – will mean opportunity cost that you can’t afford! While there’s no perfect system or “short-cuts” that can guarantee you’ll hire the right person every time, there are specific “know-hows” you can use – that get you the results – again and again.


This is a programme that does just that – it shows you: How to recruit and retain top salespeople. Consistently in:

Good times, Bad times, All the times!

Course Modules

Selecting the Right People

  • Identify if they are the right fit before they jump into your boat.
  • How to attract the “star potential” and sell them the idea of being part of your team.


Bear in mind, while you are selecting people, the right ones are also looking for the right mentor and team that can bring out their potential. Are you one?  And how to be one?

Hiring sales manager will learn specific selection strategies – that cater to your organisations’ need – be they a short-term, or long-term strategy for revenue generation.


Know where to find good “sales producers” all the time.

Expect to identify the recruitment avenues – that are the most cost and time effective! And repeat the process like clockwork!


What it takes to attract and recruit top sales producers?

Hiring managers will learn a step-by-step approach to –

  • Sell the vision,
  • Create buy-in to an irresistible future
  • Match career aspirations of candidates to company benefits
  • Use the choice of words to inspire an audience to be receptive – on the spot!


Retaining top sales producers

Hiring sales managers will learn to create a proven system

  • To instill discipline and ensure consistent sales results
  • Foster an atmosphere to motivate sales people to achieve outstanding sales results
  • Build a reputation of being a formidable sales force