Avant-Garde Image Technology (AIT)

Never underestimate the power of a good outfit on a bad day.

4 Weeks


Lusi Lim
Chief Coach | CEO


1 North Bridge Road, #06-01, Singapore 179094   View map


Next Milestone

Is your Image Sending the Right Message?

If your answer is “I am not sure”, it will be a good idea to fix that, as numerous studies show that your image can determine your career progression, your pay, the opportunities you get in life, and definitely your happiness!

Our professional image coach will:

  • customise 5 looks for you from hair to clothes to accessories and even spectacle frame, based on your personality profile, profession and goals
  • teach you how to look and dress well without spending a bomb
  • impart easy-to-apply and practical skills in choosing, matching and maximising your outfits even if you have no fashion background
  • show you how to enhance your strengths and downplay your imperfections

Course Modules

The Art of Fashion Sense

  • The Art of Matching
  • Practical Makeup and Skincare tips
  • The Biggest mistakes in fashion
  • The Do’s in fashion


Personalised Style Upgrades!

  • Unconventional fashionable styles
  • How to accessorize in the classiest way
  • Personalised hairstyle that flatters your style
  • Selecting outfits that compliment your figure


Lessons Put to Action!

  • The Power of Contrast in style
  • Real life shopping to practice and refine what you have learnt
  • Customised debrief and recommendations for each student


The Winning Body Language

  • Body language: how to sit, stand and walk with grace
  • Final assessment and grand reveal of transformation