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Psychology of Promotion: How to stand out, fit in and get ahead!


Youth Leadership Program (Age 14-18)

Can my kid handle the pressures of life?

Or is he only good for taking exams?

Soft skills for Youths - So they can handle the world out there


Dear Parents,

We have been telling our young people to study hard for exams.
As parents, we want to give them a better life – in their career, and in their finance.
And we even want to be sure they will have a happy family life in the future.

But as they grow up…

Can they be independent without you?
Are they able to make the right choices for themselves?
Can they handle peer pressure and competition?
Are they able to talk to people in power?
Can they tell between right and wrong when the pressure is great?
And can they survive when crisis hits them hard?


More importantly,

Do you think they can succeed out there in that harsh and competitive corporate world?  The world that is imperfect with the likes of office politics and cut-throat antics.  You may even be a victim of these at some point.  And you want your children to be prepared for it.

This is a special program design to help young people develop soft skills.

So they won’t be faint-hearted when the going gets tough!

The 2-day program will help equip our young people.


It will cover 

  • Cultivate the right mannerism in private and public functions!
  • A Winner’s Mentality –when the pressure is on!
  • Understanding different personality profiles – know what makes you tick and click in work and in life!
  • Values – the secrets of successful business people that bring them to the top
  • Leadership – Developing your Hallmark of Greatness


Look at what our young leaders said about our course:

“Attending Lusi Group’s Youth Leadership seminar has been a wonderful experience for me!  I came here to learn soft skills. Instead, I came out with so much more! I am more motivated than ever to pursue my dreams.  Lusi has inspired me to mould my life into what I want it to be!”

Hansel K.T, Age 18

“I’ve only been in Lusi Group for not too long but I really feel like as a family during my time in here. I had learnt a lot in soft skills and leadership, this would really help me in my future”
Erwin, Age 18

“In the leadership course, I had learnt the all so important 8 Values! I had also learnt how to overcome fear of failure which is something that’s had been holding back my success.” 

rudy tan
Rudy Tan, Age 18

“Thank you Ms Lusi!  I’m more confident in doing anything now!  I am more independent and more confident in facing challenges in life! It was really helpful!”

Sri Agustianti

Sri Agustianti, Age 15

“I want to thank Ms Lusi for teaching me so many things in this Youth Leadership especially in building up my confidence. What I enjoyed most were those games played with my classmate, especially having the opportunity of selling photo frames. Although it is my first time selling them, I felt happy and I did it!”

Carman Chew

Carman Chew, Age 14


Here are the Course Highlights:

1.   Cultivate the Right Mannerism in private and public functions

Our young people will learn how to mingle in any setting. Whether it’s that festive season they catch up with friends. Or even that unexpected function where they only have one chance to make a good impression!Lessons include:

  1. Appropriate mannerisms to parents and guests in private and public functions
  2. Appropriate greetings to different types of people in authority
  3. Knowing how to be polite when picking up telephone calls: making calls, answering calls, conveying messages.
  4. When speaking with those with those in seniority: Know the taboo words to avoid and learn to show respect.


2.   A Winner’s Mentality –Developing strength in pressure

Today, our children are “trained” to take exams. But they need something extra – the mental strength to take face setbacks. And the mind to deal with hardship in life. Especially when they leave school and face the harsh world out there!

In this segment, they will be:

  • Developing Pressure-Readiness in times of stress and setbacks
  • Strengthening their mind to overcome failure in school and life
  • Creating a momentum of success even when the going gets so unbearable!
  • Learning how to move past their fears. And achieve their goals!


3. Working with different personality profiles – Know what makes you tick and click in work and in life

Understanding your own personality can help you excel in life, choose the job you love, and do what you are good at. They include:

  • Handling stress well
  • Becoming more motivated
  • Unlocking leadership potential
  • Preparing them for the right career choice when the time comes

Here, our young people will:

  • Know their personality type and work on their strengths!
  • Discover why they are so different from their friends!
  • Find out what motivates them to perform!
  • Know how to work with different personalities. Even those they don’t like!


4. Values – the secrets of successful businessmen and women that bring them to the top of their career and life

Most parents want their children to have the right values. But how do you teach them? The values you teach your children are their best protection from peer pressure and the temptations of consumer culture.

In this segment, our young people will learn values and practical skills on:

  • Becoming a person of integrity and gratitude
  • Becoming a person of charactor that attracts success and respect
  • Taking ownership for their lives
  • Not letting themselves take the easy way out or give up easily
  • Developing mental toughness to stand by their values against temptations


5. Leadership – Developing your Hallmark of Greatness

Leadership is not a skill naturally learnt or cultivated. Yet it is the skill that will determine significance or obscurity when our children steps into society to make their mark.

In this segment, our young people will learn how to:

  • Stand out among peers
  • Develop leadership qualities that help them shine in their careers
  • Influence even in crisis times



They will learn what it means to take ownership even when they don’t feel like it.

And pick up leadership skills so they learn to take charge. Especially in uncomfortable situations

This will be a two-day session of activities filled with:

  • ‘Live’ scenarios
  • Fun, fast moving and interactive activities
  • Challenging questions to develop their thinking ability

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