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Psychology of Promotion: How to stand out, fit in and get ahead!


Winning The Heart Of The Right One And Not Look Desperate!


Looking to impress the guy or girl of your dreams but clueless as to how or where to start?

Valentine’s Day is just over. Would you want to know what to look out for in a Valentine and what qualities your ideal partner should possess? How would you know if someone you fancy has the potential to be your significant other? Do you want to grow old with someone who understands you and will be by your side through thick and thin?

Lusi Group is inviting all singles for an insightful one-day workshop that will prepare you with proven skills and techniques which will help you unearth that special someone and create an impression that lasts without appearing to be trying too hard.

Why is creating a good impression so important? Impressions are made in seconds, and they stick. And it goes beyond your image and dressing to what you say or do to a member of the opposite sex. Creating a good impression is the first step in expanding your social circle and increasing your chances of landing the special someone.

Next, you will learn how to identify a potential partner who is the right fit for you. What is a right fit, you may ask? Just as your shoe fits your foot perfectly, your ideal partner should also have a personality profile that complements yours and has compatible aspirations and expectations, among other things.

Lastly, master the art of sustaining a relationship by managing differences along the way and doing little things that make the relationship fresh and vibrant with every passing year. At Lusi Group, we believe that investing time and the correct efforts in interpersonal relationships will reap results.



1.     Preparing yourself – creating a great impression and finding the right partner

  • Knowing when you are ready to go on your first date
  • Creating a great impression that lasts by sprucing up your image and learning the do’s and don’ts when interacting with the opposite sex
  • Identifying a partner with the right fit by understanding his/her profile, interests, aspirations and expectations

2.     Making the “Move” – and doing it right!

  • Knowing how to ask for a date with confidence
  • Mastering techniques when asking for a date such as asking the right questions and using the appropriate tonality
  • Selecting the appropriate activities and venue for the occasion

3.     Progressing to the next level

  • Knowing when is the right time to pop the “question”
  • Managing differences and disagreements along the way


Trainer’s Profile

Lusi Lim is winner of the TOYP (Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award) 2012 as well as the only double awards winner of the Great Women of Our Time 2012 under “Finance & Commerce” and “Most Inspiring Women” categories. She is highly sought after as a life coach whom had transformed thousands of people’s lives – individuals that range from average office executives to CEOs of companies.

Lusi’s track record as a life coach speaks for itself. Her clients come back to her again and again because of her expertise in identifying critical blind spots of individuals, blind spots that deter their growth in both relationship and career. Lusi is also well known for her ability to bring out potential of individuals that they have never known existed.

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