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Psychology of Promotion: How to stand out, fit in and get ahead!


Winning Personality

Develop a Personality to Win Friends and Promotions


You can build a distinct personality that gets your colleagues and friends want to be around you! Learn ways to have people: attracted to you, want to stay connect with you!

Also learn to obtain favours and get things done through people! And even secure a promotion!

Course Highlights

This is a 3-hour course focusing on building your interpersonal skills through developing your personality to match your academic brilliance as follows:

  • Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) – do you have it and how it affects your career
  • Addressing blind spots that can cause you to be an eye sore
  • Understanding and dealing with human behaviors to win friends and promotions
  • The 5 rules of interaction that gets your colleague to want more of you!
  • The 5 qualities you must have to unleash a magnetic EQ
  • Build your EQ with 5 easy steps

Participants will be engaged in various exciting role plays and conditioning exercises to master the fine art of handling people.


After attending this course, you will be able to:

  • Let your personality stand out & be distinctive
  • Communicate in a way that increases reception
  • Be easily accepted, heard and understood by your friends
  • Shorten the time needed to build rapport with new acquaintances
  • Break into new social groups and enlarge your sphere of influence
  • Expand your support group among your peers and colleagues
  • Be a people person and “go-to” guy


Who Should Attend

Especially useful for executives who want learn skills to expand their influence, master the fine art of mingling at the workplace and influence their peers for a better workplace.

Trainers’ Profile

Lusi Group’s trainers are an elite group of specialists who have created organisational and sales growth in their respective fields. Our track record has involved: growing sales revenue in financial tough times, increasing collaborations in restructuring, fostering corporate culture and creating buy-in. Their expertise in leading the field gives them the edge of real-world business scenarios.

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