Lusi Group is the leading soft skills training academy in Singapore. We are exceptional because our courses are built on real life case studies with proven track record and each class is tailored to the individual’s needs using ‘out of the box’ training methods.


Our mission is to help individuals to excel, in both their personal and career life. This is achieved by equipping them with exceptional interpersonal skills. In 2011, we had successfully kick-started the soft skills movement in Singapore, now we are garnering to be the number 1 in South East Asia!

Why is Lusi Group Different?

It is not uncommon to hear about trainers who “inherit” a training syllabus and deliver the theory when they themselves have no field experience. On the other hand, there are trainers with real experience who are, however, unable to replicate the results in other people.


Lusi Group is built on both real success stories and solid field experience, and we also have successfully replicated the skillsets on other people and brought them to greater heights.


Here at Lusi Group, we understand every individual is unique, and that is why our courses are tailored to help each unique individual achieve more and become more.


In addition to teaching the “what”, we focus on infusing learners with the “how”. It is easy to listen to theories and concepts, which are readily available in print and online. It is different ball game when it comes to applying skills to the real world. We impart the know-how to translate concepts into real world practical applications.

Meet Our Team

Lusi Lim

Chief Coach | CEO

I am not made for talks and theories, actions and results are my domain!

Mac Woo

Head of Training

I always strive to improve my previous self!

Lee Lap Pong

Trainer, Behavioural Competency

It’s never too small, too old or too late to make a change.

Tan Seow Pin

Executive Assistant to CEO

If you never give it a go, you will never know, and you will never grow!

Our Culture
  1. We are Dynamic and Innovative
  2. We are Competent and Result-Focused
  3. We are Positive and Uplifting
  4. We embrace Teamwork and always have each other’s back
  5. We always seek Growth and never settle
  6. We always Go the Extra Mile
Our Core Values
  1. We are Authentic: Practitioners who incorporate real life experience in our lessons(真材实料)
  2. We Walk The Talk(言而有信,言出必行)
  3. We believe Humans to be the Most Valuable Assets to any organization
  4. We give Results and inspire Growth
  5. We Embrace Challenges and always Turn all Adversities into Opportunities