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Psychology of Promotion: How to stand out, fit in and get ahead!


Video Testimonials

“The last 6 years I have been in Prudential, I felt very tired.. But today I am proud to say that I have achieved 50% growth… and I am now the number one in my Agency! Never in my life people start queuing to me for advice, as if they are seeing a doctor!”

Estella Tan, Prudential Senior Financial Consultant (Angel) Attended SAPT Class / Fight Club


“In the month of may, only after two months where half of my team are with Lusi’s course, in the month of may, our result will the highest we ever achieved in 7 years running this agency!”

Bernard Ho, Prudential Agency Leader (Angel) Attended SAPT Class


“I graduated from IBCT course only on the 4th of November and I am proud to say that from then to the Middle of December, I was able to close 25 thousands dollars worth of sales! …That’s more than double of two Tripod Courses combined!.” (Note: 1 tripod = 3 star courses) 

Mac Woo, CEO of Obolo Pte. Ltd.  (Angel) Attended IBCT Class


“This is one of the best investment in my Life! Its one of the most magnificent experience I ever had!”

Terry Teng, Professional Host (Angel) Attended IBCT Class


“I did apply what I know to my staff… for the past one month, I had seen tremendous changes on my sales staff.. I see a lot of fire in them!”

Oh Sin Long, Business owner of Wy Wa Pte. Ltd. (Angel) Attended IBCT Class


“This course shorten my whole sales cycle.. This training is very different from other sales training, it is very practical, very useful..”

Lee Ping, Property Consultant (Angel) Attended SAPT Class


“SAPT taught me a lot compare to many sales courses that I attended… Now I am a much more confident person… Now I know the way to go about closing..”

Avery Ang, Sales Consultant (Angel) Attended SAPT Class