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Psychology of Promotion: How to stand out, fit in and get ahead!

Shair Ling

Han Shair Ling

“Positive Thinking Can Achieve The Impossible…”


Shair Ling has 10 years of experience in Account Management and Business Development in the Oil and Gas Sector. Her exposure extended across Keynote International Oil and Gas Conferences, Middle East and Asia Pacific Oil and Gas Market Research.

Prior to her new career in the Personal Development industry, Shair Ling was a Headhunter and Career Consultant for the Oil and Gas Industry.

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Shair Ling is a highly positive-minded individual and is a firm believer of self- improvement and upgrading oneself. Her passion is to build relationships with people and contribute significant value to both their professional and personal lives.

Being in the Personal Development profession now, Shair Ling is determined and greatly passionate in helping friends and business partners to take that first baby step towards self-improvement and work towards more successes and higher milestones in their lives. She aims to use her positive energy to motivate others around her to be happier and work towards achieving breakthroughs in their lives.


Expert in Career Consultant

Proficient in providing sound career, recruitment and selection advice to job seekers and hiring managers alike, Shair Ling has the ability to manage the entire recruitment process and share insights to help both employees and employers achieve a win-win situation.



“I have known Shair Ling since 2008. I have seen her transform into a wonderful woman of worth today. She has a heart of gold and is someone who truly serves people with candour and sincerity. The level of commitment and faith I see in her is tremendous. She is indeed a great asset whom leaders look for in their team.” 

Janisia Chew, Talent Management Executive, BCD Travels


“Shair Ling had demonstrated good follow up services, both while I was an IBCT class attendee and even after I became part of LOA upon completion of the course. The process of following up is simple, yet crucial to my future progress as an IBCT graduate.What really touches me the most about her is….

As a Lusi Group specialist, Shair Ling has many LOA graduates to take care of. However, she has still managed to fork out resources and time to be concerned about my personal development and career path. It is extremely reassuring to know this.

The specific area which Shair Ling helped me most is in Demonstration of IBCT skills and correcting my mistakes, even outside the confines of the IBCT modules. We have to practise what we learn and preach; through observation of how Shair Ling conducted herself in public and other reminders of basic communication etiquette, I have learned, am still learning and remain motivated to improve further.

The top quality I like about Shair Ling is Sincerity, both as a Lusi Group adviser and friend. This is very important.”

Dennis Lam, Distributor, Nu Skin Enterprises


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