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Psychology of Promotion: How to stand out, fit in and get ahead!


SAPT Course Detail

Lusi Group’s Diagnostic Test

In sales, you need to get feedback from a Sales Specialist who tells you your strengths & weaknesses – so you can address them right away!

What you can expect:

  • A 90-min diagnostic session with our Sales Specialist
  • You will demonstrate the entire sales process with us on how you have been interacting with your clients!
  • You will interact with the Sales Specialist and learn from his/her expertise!
  • You will obtain feedback from the Sales Specialist on areas of improvement right away!

A. How to Develop the Right Mindset to be Successful in Sales

To achieve success in sales, the first step is to develop the correct mindset and attitude that will help you attain sustainable results in the long term.

  • Develop motivation that empowers you from within
  • Overcome mental blocks that deter you from succeeding in sales
  • Form a clear vision of your goal
  • Build discipline and focus


B. How to Generate Endless Leads and Recurring Referrals 

To kickstart your sales journey, you must first have the ability to generate endless leads to bring in business through perfecting the art of teasers and getting recurring referrals from your existing clients.

  • A step-by-step guide in leads generation to get you started now!
  • Master the art of the teaser – ignite their interest so your prospects want more
  • Proven strategy/method of getting rock-solid referrals from your existing clients

C. How to Turn a Cold Lead into a Hot Prospect during Appointment Making

You have made thousands of calls yet only few responded. Learn how to make these cold leads count by learning proven techniques to convert them into hot prospects.

  • Overcome the fear of making appointments
  • Master proven techniques to turn a cold prospect into a hot prospect
  • Learn the appointment making script that is proven to “sell the appointment”

D. How to Gather the Facts to Ensure a Productive Appointment

Closing a sale starts with getting to know more about the background and needs of your prospects so that you will gain a better understanding of how you can best meet their needs.

  • Asking the “right questions”
  • Gather the necessary facts you need to close the sale
  • Learn to differentiate suspects from prospects

E. How to Establish Rapport and Trust

Your success rate in closing a sale is largely dependent on the extent of which you are able to gain the trust of and build rapport with your clients, such that they see you as a trusted friend rather than just a salesperson.

  • Connecting with your prospect on the spot
  • Know what to say and how to say it to build instant trust
  • Learn how to upsell yourself and gain clients’ recognition and respect


F. How to Present the Benefits and Ignite Buying Interest 

Learn how to match the needs of clients with the benefits of your products – thereby igniting their buying interests, so that they want more!

  • How to hit the hot buttons of your clients
  • How hitting their hot buttons can motivate them to take action
  • How to keep the objections, if any, to the minimum


G. How to Convert a “No” into a “Yes”

Handling objections often strikes fear in salespersons and is a major stumbling block in sales. Learn the art of handling objections and convert them into closing opportunities.

  • The ART of managing objections
  • Do not focus on getting the answers to the questions, but focus on the concerns
  • Learn how to turn all objections into opportunities to seal the deal


H. How to Follow Up, Seal the Deal and Up the Order!

Mastering the 4 proven closing techniques of all time will help you achieve the most crucial objective in sales – sealing the deal.

  • Master 4 proven, tested & useable closing techniques – with specific choice of words
  • How to up-sell and increase the effectiveness of your time spent
  • How to follow up effectively, if absolutely necessary


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