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Psychology of Promotion: How to stand out, fit in and get ahead!

SAPT Students

Sales Aptitude and Proficiency Technology (SAPT)

When Sales is Proven by Track Record. Period.


In a sales organisation, sales revenue is everything. Period. Sales is proven by track record. Period. If increasing sales revenue is your business. If you are a Sales Head or sales professional, you are only interested in straight answers from sales experts who know how to:

  • Make more appointments; qualify your prospects
  • Know what to say and how to behave so you don’t risk the sale
  • Shorten the sale cycle; in short, close the sale in the shortest time


You don’t need a trainer to teach you theories – you can read from sales textbooks. Many have the “know”, or think they know. Very few truly understand the “how”, let alone master it!

You want:

  • To know specific scenarios to learn to deal with customers in real life experiences
  • Specific instructions that work, be able to speak to customers in a language understood by all and create buy-in
  • A sales specialist – who has been there, done that, who dares to tell and guide you what to do so you succeed – in a shorter time

Kick-start your know-how with our SAPT Training now!

Course Highlights

  • Lusi Group’s Diagnostic Test
  • How to Develop the Right Mindset to be Successful in Sales
  • How to Generate Endless Leads and Recurring Referrals
  • How to Turn a Cold Lead into a Hot Prospect during Appointment Making
  • How to Gather the Facts to Ensure a Productive Appointment
  • How to Establish Rapport and Trust
  • How to Present the Benefits and Ignite Buying Interest
  • How to Convert a “No” into a “Yes”
  • How to Follow Up, Seal the Deal and Up the Order!

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  • A Sales Specialist who will assess your skills & give up specific feedback on your strengths & weaknesses!
  • Prospect for endless streams of clients!
  • Hit Your Clients’ Hot Buttons & give them what they need!
  • Secure appointments more easily and create buy-in!
  • Present to create consensus from stakeholders!
  • Reduce sales cycle time, and increase the no. of yes’s!
  • And generate repeat and endless business referrals!

Who Should Attend

  • Those who want to increase their sales revenue with much shorter sales cycle time.
  • Those who want to turn “no” to “yes”.
  • Those who want to get endless referrals and repeat sales.


Hear What Our Proteges Said:

“Hi Coach, I just closed another 1170 EFYC today again! I can’t believe it. Lol :) All cases are small but it’s almost everyday! All these never happened in my years in insurance before! BIG Thank you!” 

Jessica Wong
Financial Advisor, Manulife


“I am very glad that I’d attended this course. It has helped identify my blind spots. Very often I did not choose the right words to say/use, which “killed” the deal. Now I am more aware of what I say. The course has been enriching to my career and soft skills, especially in sales, is not something you can learn in school.”

Licia Lim
Banker, UOB

“Good Morning Lusi, just want to share with you that we had the highest sales ever for May! 52% higher than my highest month since I became agency leader 7 years ago. Thank you so much for your guidance!”

Bernard Ho
Sales Director, Prudential

“The SAPT has now given me confidence in how I do my sales and how I manage rejections. What I find most powerful in the training was discerning what is a feature and what is a benefit, as well as understanding how to uncover hot buttons. Basically, this course has given me very hands-on skills and confidence in my network-marketing career. This is what I value most!”

Aileen Tan
Sales Consultant, Nu-Skin

“Hi Lusi, I am so happy that I managed to close AIPI $11,000 today. I was supposed to close $2,000 AIPI only but managed to up-sell him by using what you taught me in SAPT!”

Diana Ng
Financial Advisor, Prudential

“Hi Lusi :), I just learnt from one of my directors that I have the greatest progress in 2013. And I also qualify for MDRT. I will be heading for MDRT conference in Toronto this June. All these would not have been possible without your guidance. Once again a BIG THANK YOU! “

Deon Tay
Financial Consultant, Elpis


Trainer’s Profile

Lusi Lim
is the founder of Lusi Group. A former COO of a global investment firm, she is known to be a legend in the industry with her outstanding leadership and responsible salesmanship that saw her breaking all sales record year after year.She started her glittering career as an accounts assistant in one of the Big 4 firms in Europe, earning 3 big promotions in 4 years.Embarking on her next venture in investment, she rose through the ranks from a junior sales consultant, earning 9 promotions in 8 years to become the COO of the same firm. Her amazing sales achievements include:

  • Led the Singapore office to become the No. 1 revenue generating sales force across 7 countries for 8 consecutive years
  • Managed over US$100 million in clients’ portfolio
  • Top producer for 8 consecutive years, with 400% more sales volume than the next top producer
  • Top global sales across 7 countries for 8 consecutive years
  • Coached and increased number of top sales individuals from 6 to more than 20, which led to sales increase of more than 400% within a year
  • Coached individuals whose income went from less than S$1,000 to more than S$20,000 a month

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