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Sales Cold Call

Sales Cold Call Made Easy

When Sales Cold Call can be made this Easy!

Do you Hate Cold Calling – but have no Choice? If that got your attention, read on!

Let me walk you through Step-by-Step my proven Cold Calling Sales Strategies to Fill your Pipeline.

Get The Appointments.

And Get In Front of Your New Clients.


But first, let’s ask you some brutally honest questions:

  • Do you freeze or feel jammed in your mouth when setting appointments with potential customers?
  • Do you want to break through or overcome your ‘fear of cold calling’?
  • You have a cold calling script to set appointments word for word over the phone – yet you are still struggling
  • You want to impress the prospect and trigger their interest in meeting you, but you don’t know how to sell yourself?
  • Put simply, do you want to know cold calling tips that show you how to keep setting more new appointments and close more sales?

If your answer is yes, then please read the next few lines carefully.


Dear reader,

Cold calling. It’s a silent and personal one, an emotional struggle that happens in our own hearts and minds.

The fear of cold calling is a painful, daily struggle for many new business and salespeople who have been trained in the old outdated selling techniques. From the usual sales gurus.

The day never seems to change. You know the usual drills – you look at the name, you make the call. And if anyone picks up the phone at the other end of the line, you struggle to get their attention.

Then you blurt out your pitch – your name, your company and what you do. Right?

And hopefully, these impatient individuals give you a chance to talk.

Cross your fingers – you hope to get an appointment. You break out into a mini cold sweat at that moment. Hoping to have a breakthrough.

Does that sound like your daily grind?


But what if today, the tables are turned.

Imagine sitting down with someone who has already done what you want to do in your business. Someone whose already researched tested and proven what works and doesn’t. Someone ready to share their knowledge, their secrets, their system for success, the wisdom gained from their mistakes – every tidbit of valuable information you need to grow your sales was disclosed to you…?


I have great news for you.

Because today, you can learn the secrets that sales top producers  use across industries. And you will never be at the mercy of sales managers who breathe down your neck every month.

In fact, you will  be so busy getting contacts with new clients over the phone and face-to-face. You won’t even have time to feel depressed, frustrated and lost.

Just the opposite. You will be at the top of the sales game.

“Amazing way of approaching cold calling..  his techniques are unusual but effective… create the “wow” effect and an impression to the person over telephone… especially from someone who has achieved success through cold calling.”

Jacqueline Choo

Jacqueline Choo
Financial Advisor, Manulife

“Daniel is proficient and practical in the teaching approach.


Wilson Seng

Wilson Sieng
Principle Consultant, Sheffield Employment Agency

“Daniel’s cold calling teaching is very practical and helpful. In particularly the “5 steps model”, its help me in training my staff back in my workplace. Good Job!”

Neo Hong Kim

Neo Hong Kim
Managing Director, Index Precision Industries


Now you can learn how to make that cold call without breaking a sweat. You don’t want to be accused anymore as “just another irritating telemarketer”!

“Sales Cold Call Made Easy” is a one-day program that shows you how to make that sometimes ‘dreaded’ cold call. You will be coached step by step. And you will understand what goes on in the mind of both the caller and the one being called. And hear the secret conversations in their brains!

You will learn all these, with guidelines that are tested and actually get you sales appointments!


Why learning to make Cold Calls can be that important?

  • You are running out of warm leads fast!
  • You are hunting for that big client which you don’t have in your list
  • You need to reach out to as many clients as possible.

Who should attend:

  • Telemarketers, who make sales appointments
  • Sales persons, business owners and entrepreneurs who need to generate leads
  • Sales persons who want to increase their appointment turn up rate
  • Sales persons who want to reach for that larger account through cold calling

What you will learn:

  • How to remove the fear of cold calling forever!
  • How to reduce your rejection rate over the phone!
  • How to connect with prospects over the phone so they want to hear you!
  • How to turn the prospect from a cold lead – to a warm lead, over the phone!
  • Learn the actual words that encourage your prospects and even gatekeepers to open up to you!
  • Learn the 5 simple and proven cold calling steps that move the conversation forward!
  • Actual proven cold call scripts / process charts that track your progress!
  • Scenario role plays that get you to practise your new found skills!

Profile of Trainer:

Daniel Lau is a sales producer who has worked with both warm leads and cold calling in his sales experience.In his first year in sales, he  fast tracked to become a top producing manager within 12 months. And he has also successfully trained new sales personnel and telemarketers in the cold calling process – and duplicated new success.

Daniel’s  track record includes: reducing follow-up time with clients by more than 20%. Especially in intense situations. He also has the experience of salvaging client situations on the brink of sales loss.

Apart from sales, Daniel also has practical sales management experience. This includes: leading winning sales teams that have won awards, speaking for business seminars that attract new prospects and current clientele. And helping new sales personnel to take off in their sales career.

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