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“Discover the Blind-Spots that cause you to
Miss that Promotion or even be Overlooked in your Job! And the Strategies which the Top 1% of Successful Individual will NEVER tell you!”

Read on to discover how *Lusi Group Diagnostic* can positively supercharge your career, finances, relationships, and success in life!


Dear Friend,

I am certain that if you have landed on this website and you’re reading this letter right now, you have those questions on your mind:

“Just how can Lusi Group Diagnostic help me? and…

“Is there proof to shows that *Lusi Group Diagnostic* actually work?”

Ok, make those two questions. I can understand if you have a healthy dose of skepticism right now. Because there really are a lot of people and websites out there making bogus claims, and you’re not sure who to believe or trust anymore.

So if I can be a 100% honest with you right now, I want to state that the *Lusi Group Diagnostic* will undoubtedly work!

Why do I say that?

Because I personally applied what I coached and had in the process transformed myself from a kampong girl into a….


Millionaire At Just Age 27!

I can understand if you’re still skeptical and that is why I know you want to see PROOF that I can back up everything I’m saying here.

Lusi Millionaire Proof

The Women’s Weekly Magazine article (December 2012 edition, as shown above) did feature me on how I managed to transform from being an all out kampong girl into a Millionaire by the age of just 27.

Now that I’ve gotten your attention and proved to you that I did indeed become a millionaire at 27, you’re probably asking me this right now…


“How Did I Do It?”

It wasn’t long ago I was struggling and barely making ends meet.

As a little girl, I came all alone from Indonesia to Singapore – that’s right…a 15 year old little girl. It felt like yesterday. Only $1300 in my pocket – to rent a room, gets into a school. And find a job to buy my books and feed me.

I couldn’t even open a bank account…cos I didn’t have enough cash to begin with…

I still remembered my first part-time job as a 15 year old girl. In that DVD rental shop. It was my first job, and I needed the money for my school and survival. On my first week, something happened. It still brings tears to my eyes. That mean nasty manager, saw that I couldn’t handle a customer enquiry. You know what she did?! She knocked her knuckles right on my head… in front of my colleagues and customers…well, in public…

A cold hard ruthless knock! She called me stupid…it was difficult to swallow. I have always been a smart girl in school. Never came second in class…and now that was the biggest humiliation of my life…

(PS: Now thinking back, I am actually being lucky to be humiliated early in my life. I heard stories of many of my students who are ill-treated by their bosses at a much later stage of their life, when it’s so much harder to take.)

I just bowed down my head in tears. I couldn’t argue back. I needed the money to survive. Life has not been lucky to me. For most of you, you got your mummies and daddies. My mummy and daddy wasn’t there. There I was frozen alone on the cold hard floor. I fought back those tears, wiped away the sadness…

It’s was there and then I remembered something that was in grained in me since very young by my parents. My parents has been demonstrating how all challenges can be resolved via soft skills; be it in running a function, a family or even in business. I still remembered many a times when both my brother and I got ourselves into some trouble, it always my brother who become more defensive and in-return get a harsher punishment. I however always get away with a little practiced of soft skills.

As I recap the importance of soft skills and how it had helped me so far, my emotion was regulated. This put me back to the life long journey of learning soft skills. Guess what?



Of course I put in my hours of hard work. I become intensively committed in learning soft skills. Always learning from all experiences and any challenges that life thrown at me. By my 20s, I became a millionaire and by my mid 30s, I have made my multi-million dollars. I will never need to work another day of my life. In my last venture with an investment firm. I rose from a fully commission based junior personnel to the COO (Chief Operating Officer) of the company. My last salary was more than S$300,000 a month! Yes, a month!

Here is a newspaper article (Lian He WanBao, dated 27/Jan/12) featuring my story on how I made my millions by my 30s and in the process helped hundreds others in achieving their success.
Lusi Millionaire

Before I retired, I was the top sales leader in my industry across 7 countries – across Europe, America, Canada – and Asia. I had coached hundreds of people, some to earn more than quadrupled their initial income. My best student monthly income went from less than S$1,000 to more than S$30,000 a month!

Now, I’m not telling you this to show off to you. That would be the very last thing on my mind.

The reason why I’m telling you this is because, if a kampong like me can be transform into a success in life, then there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from achieving the same level of results in your life as well!

Absolutely nothing.


The Missing Link Between YOU and Your Success…

It’s NOT your fault at all if you haven’t achieved the results you want!

You just haven’t discovered the RIGHT strategies to achieving massive wealth and success in life. You could slog really hard all your life, but we all know hard work doesn’t guarantee you success.

In other words, you will never reached your destination by taking the wrong bus.

How many hardworking people do you know that scrimp every month just to make ends meet?

Doing the same things you’ve been doing in the past will bring you the same results. You need to take a new set actions, if you want a new set of results. You need to discover the proven strategies for success, or you’d just be wasting your time working hard at things that bring you little or no results.

So what are these proven strategies for success?

What are the common behaviors and principles that ALL successful people possess that allow them to achieve more with less?

I am sure you are now all eager to find out and learn how soft skills can help you achieved your success. But before you can learn all these skills sets, let us understand you first. This is because I believe that no two people are the same and therefore each one of us needs a customised set of skill sets.

I called this process the *Lusi Group Diagnostic*.


Here’s What You’ll Discover In The
Lusi Group Diagnostic

Lusi Group Diagnostic

  • A 60-min one-to-one diagnostic session with our Specialist
  • You will obtain feedback from the Specialist on areas of improvements right away!
  • You will uncover your hidden talents, which can be developed into skill sets you may not be aware of!
  • You can identify your blind spots, which have been deterring your career growth – and learn to overcome them!
  • You will reconnect with your goals and align the right strategies to achieve your dreams!


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Who can Benefit from the Diagnostic?

Who Can Benefit
  • You wants to know yourself better in-order to excel to the next level.
  • You are in a crossed road, lost of direction. Example: you are in the process of changing jobs.
  • You are stagnant in their career, you want a break through but don’t know how?
  • You want to earn big dollars and urgently need to learn how to go about doing it?
  • You are not satisfy with one or more factors in your life, but not sure what?


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How People Benefit from the Diagnostic?

How can Benefit
  • You will find out why you don’t get appreciated even when you slog like there’s no day and no night?
  • You will find out if you are in the right job fit – or are you just dragging your feet and hope the day ends quickly.
  • You will find out how to overcome specific flaws in your communication that deter your relationships with people around you!
  • You will find out why you are still not earning enough though you have more than 10 sales appointments and work 7 days a week! (For sales personnel)


Click Here to Benefit from the Diagnostic Immediately


*Lusi Group Diagnostic* is a first step to your success! It is a program that I had personally developed and uses MYSELF to achieve the level of results I have today.

It is a program that wills literally kick-start your success and helps you achieve the goals you want in life.

How do I know this stuff works?

I became a millionaire at age 27 not by some random fluke, not by inheritance, and not by winning the lottery. I became so successful at such a young age because I practice soft skills.

The question that’s probably on your mind right is:

“Yes Lusi! It worked for you. But will it work just as well for me?”

Well, don’t just take my word for it. See what happens when REAL people use time-tested, real-life success strategies.


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“The Diagnostic was so precise, so spot-on!”

terry-diag The diagnostics was so precise, so spot-on, that I saw a lot of myself that I have never seen before. This has helped me increase my self-awareness… I finally realised why I was stuck in my comfort zone, refused to change and lived in procrastination…”This Diagnostic Test was a wake-up call for me.
I took immediate steps to change in small ways… The IBCT course then gave me beyond the “what” of normal courses, it taught me the “how” to execute, step by step. The benefits have been evident.”IBCT is the program to teach you the secrets of success!
Terry Teng
Professional Host


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“For those of us who are serious about not being redundant in our job… the Diagnostic is a necessity.”

Felicia Ong “The Diagnostic session has graphically shown me where are my blindspots, my weaknesses. For those of us who are serious about not being redundant in our job – and staying on top of the market….the Diagnostic is a necessity.
There’s no telling how I have been jeopardising my career until now. With my new found awareness…I am moving past my peers…fast!”
Felicia Ong
Sales Consultant


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“Just within an hour – the session has opened my eyes to my mistakes..”

Avery Ong “Before I came for the Diagnostic session, I thought I was doing pretty ok with my career. But just within an hour – the session has opened up my eyes to mistakes and impressions I have been creating with my colleagues and friends!
Now I know what slowed me down – and has been getting in the way of my job! If the direction is wrong, the harder you work, the harder you fail! Now I am headed on the right track and getting rid of the boo boos that stop me from my career goals!”
Avery Ong
Sales Consultant


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“The diagnostic session is good in helping me to identify my blind spots!”

Andrew The ICBT diagnostic report was impressively accurate! It helped me understand myself better and areas in life which I should improve on.
Overall I found that the program equipped me with good character values and soft skills to complement my hard skills such that I can contribute to a more positive working environment and thus success to the company!
Technical Leader


Click Here to Benefit from the Diagnostic Immediately


“…the Biggest take-away would be the Diagnostic..!”

Jermaine Lew I’m so glad that I took up this course with Lusi!The biggest take-away would be the Diagnostic, the 8 steps of effective communication and how to identify the 4 types of personalities.
I’ve previously done quite a number of profiling courses and so far all require me to answer survey online.  I personally felt that my character couldn’t be confirmed by the hundreds of questions I’ve answered online.But with Lusi, it was a 1-to-1 session and she threw me into situations where I had to react as per my own self – the daily “me”.  It made me understand who I really am, along with my pit holes too!  Once I realized I’m emotional, l learnt to prevent it and see things in a more objective way.
Jermaine Lew
Marketing Executive, Abacus Travel


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These are all real examples of real people who have gone on to create REAL results in their lives. Lusi Group Diagnostic is so powerful because it works for anyone who is serious about achieving success in life. Period.

Lusi Group Diagnostic is based on my personal life practical local experience that produces result. My hourly Diagnostic rates use to be about S$8,000 per hour. However because you had the chance to discover and land on this website, I am offering this Diagnostic at an impressive rate of just S$428!


Why The Impressive Rate?

Simple. Because if you read my news paper article, you will realised that I had already retired and financial rewards is no longer what I am chasing for. I am no longer worrying how much I need to earn rather how much I can contribute back to the society?

Why not give it for free? You might ask. While I believe in life, nothing comes free. And even if it comes free, I believe when its free you wouldn’t learn as much. And that’s not how I want to contribute back to the society, I want to create an impact in people’s life, which they truly practices and benefit from my life experience. And of course my staffs wouldn’t be able to help as much if they aren’t pay.

So to enjoy this impressive rate, all you need is the huger to learn and an Internet connection. You can instantly signup the program by clicking this link, right in the comfort of your own home.

Now if you think that’s already a great deal, check out these Fast Action Bonuses you’re going to receive when you make your order today:


Fast Action Bonus #1
Life time Participation of our Monthly Seminar
We have monthly seminars on different soft skill topics, which you can attend. Those seminars will further enhance what you had learnt in class and the topics vary over time.

  • Some of the very well received topics are:
  • How not to look Stupid and Miss that Promotion?
  • How to turn Objections into a Closed Sale?
  • How to be Impressive and Unforgettable in your First Date?
  • How to know if a Job suits you?

This is a $128 value per seminar. You can attend as many such seminars as you want. Unlimited learning! Yours absolutely FREE!



Fast Action Bonus #2
Online Special
To encourage people to sign up online we thought isn’t it nice to throw in a little extra bonus.If you sign up right away by clicking this link, you will get an instant S$200 off! 200off
This means we will be offering Lusi Group Diagnostic at an un-believable rate of just S$228!


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Fast Action Bonus #3
Online Special
If that is not enough, here is an additional 30 more minutes of diagnostics added in. That is S$214 worth of diagnostic, completely free.If you sign up right away you will receive 90 minutes of diagnostics instead of 60 minutes. 30mins off
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Total Value = $770
$428 / 1hr of Diagnostic + $214 / 0.5hr of Diagnostic + $128 / Seminar
Not forgetting you can attend different seminars as many times as you want.

All this for just S$228.
Click Here To Get Started Now!


If you are still reading this up to here, it can only mean you are studying this whole letter intently and that you are serious about achieving breakthrough results in your life. Then I am 100% certain that Lusi Group Diagnostic will slingshot you on your way to massive success. Click here to get started now.


Are You Really SERIOUS About Your Success In Life?

I have met many people from all walks of life through my trainings and seminars, and everyone I’ve met ALL say that they want to become successful in life. But then only a token few ever really do become successful.

Why is that?

Because most people are not willing to do whatever it takes to become successful. They sit around waiting for a miracle to happen or some bright idea that will make them a million dollars. But success NEVER happens this way.

Success happens by choice, NOT by chance.

Most people say they want to become successful. What they really mean is that they wish, hope, or like to succeed, but they never actually make it a MUST. So when they face setback or failure, these people give up easily and they never achieve their goals in life. Their goals are nothing more than just feeble desires.

Only the top 1% of individuals in the world are willing to take massive action to make their dreams come true. They are COMMITTED to becoming successful. To them being a success in life is a MUST. And true enough, time and time again; you will notice that people who succeed in life always show this level of commitment.

So which type of individual are you?

Are you someone who wishes, hopes, or likes to succeed OR are you someone who is 100% committed to your own success in life?

You can choose to leave this website right now, waste the last 20 minutes reading up to here, and just go back to your same old life, take the same old actions, and get the same old results again and again. Nothing’s going to change!

… OR

If you are truly committed to bringing the best out of yourself and you want to succeed in your life, work, and relationships, then I sincerely urge you to take the next BIG step towards your goals by discovering the Lusi Group Diagnostic for yourself. I guarantee it will slingshot your life to Success!


Yes Lusi! I’m Ready To Discover How Lusi Group Diagnostic Can Slingshot My Life To Achievement And Success Starting From This Very Moment Now!
tick  I understand my order will be processed on a totally secure server, and once it is processed, I will be able to attend Lusi Group Diagnostic and immediately benefit from the program
tick  I understand I will immediately get $770 worth of value. Lifetime access to unlimited seminars each worth $128, $200 off the normal Diagnostic fee and additional 30 minutes of diagnostic.



Lusi Lim
CEO, Chief Coach

PS. You’re getting a MASSIVE discount on the Lusi Group Diagnostic. I use to charge $8,000 for an hour of Diagnostic, but because you take action immediately this one to one Diagnostic with my specialist is yours for only $228. Note that my specialists are all hand trained by me personally and their normal coaching rate is much higher.

PPS. Not forgetting you will have lifetime access to unlimited seminars each worth $128!