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Psychology of Promotion: How to stand out, fit in and get ahead!


People Quotient

Skill sets that optimise IQ and EQ to enhance individual performance in both organisational and social contexts

With the People Quotient (PQ), we assist individuals to:

• Ignite self-confidence
• Enhance career prospects
• Build winning relationships
• Achieve the coveted lifestyle

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In the workplace, you require specific skills not only to reach but also stay at the top of the game. Be it securing buy-in, negotiating with colleagues with tight resources, or even as simple as getting past the secretaries of decision-makers in your company.

Work gets done only – if you get it done with people. These skills are not naturally learnt – yet you can shorten the learning curve by working with experts who have the relevant experience – to put you in the fast track.

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Judgments about you are not always fair. Be it your posture, your mannerisms, or even your dressing. Assessments of you are made in seconds – and these opinions can affect your career prospects for years. It has become necessary to know the nuances of image – not merely according to fashionable dress sense – but according to the goals you want to achieve in an organisation.

Whether your goal is to be visible, to get promoted, or to be heard in an organisation – the image you project to the powers that be is all that your peers see. And the art of image can be learnt to help you maximise your influence.

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If your capability got you where you are – it is your character that keeps you up at the top. Be it managing a department, handling projects across borders, or even if you are just starting in your career – your character will safeguard your talents. Every outstanding CEO, every achiever in huge corporations, and every historical figure that has impacted society – has developed inner qualities that separate them from the pack.

Be it self-discipline, a heart for integrity, a sense of responsibility – or even a genuine belief in people. These qualities can be learnt and developed. There is a price to reach the next level – and to stay at the top. It requires consistency of character and practice to stay at the top of the game. And these qualities can be learnt.

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Have you ever wished that associating with friends, loved ones and colleagues came with an instruction booklet? Or have you ever wanted to ask:

“Why are the relationships I am in, always end up in disappointment and frustration even though I am a good person?”
“Why have my workplace relationships been unproductive?”
“Why am I not able to attract the right person into my life?”

The quality of communication determines the depth of every relationship. For a relationship to last between a man and a woman, it takes more than being witty, and having an outstanding intellect. The most critical factor in any business environment – is the capacity to work with different personalities.

Because there are unspoken rules that govern every relationship – it is critical to interpret those rules, accurately respond to the sentiments of your business culture – and win hearts rather than overcome intellectual arguments. These skills are also not naturally developed. But they can be learnt.

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