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Psychology of Promotion: How to stand out, fit in and get ahead!


Our Business

Lusi Group. A leader in productivity & revenue growth. We inspire significance in individuals and organisations everywhere. We help individuals develop their soft skills. To enhance their visibility and increase their market value. We help organisations achieve revenue goals. To create business turn around and achieve optimum results.

We are specialists in people development and business growth and specialise in two core areas:

1. People Quotient (PQ)

Skill sets that optimise IQ and EQ to enhance individual performance in both organisational and social contexts

With the People Quotient (PQ), we assist individuals to:

  • Ignite self-confidence
  • Enhance career prospects
  • Build winning relationships
  • Achieve the coveted lifestyle

2. Business Quotient (BQ)

Skill sets that optimise IQ and EQ to enhance business performance

With the Business Quotient (BQ), we work alongside corporations to:

  • Improve business revenue
  • Enhance customer loyalty
  • Increase personal productivity
  • Build leaders for competitive growth


We have a proprietary business model that ensures maximum retention and practice of the skills imparted. This is with the sole purpose of achieving your individual and business performance.


We call it the 5-M model.

M1: Model

We have a role-model who has risen through 9 ranks of promotion with soft skills that are proven.
She is also recognised as a sales legend – a global top sales producer across 7 countries, over 8 consecutive years.
Very rarely can anyone impart and duplicate what they have achieved. We can and we have done it.
Our training model is creative, unconventional and we apply the knowledge in a variety of ‘live’ scenarios.
Most importantly, we advocate responsible salesmanship – with integrity.


M2: Mentor

We have practical guidance from people who have the actual experience and success of – overcoming tough career related challenges, turning every obstacle into opportunity, and breaking personal and career records year after year.


M3: Monitor

We assign specialists to follow up with the progress of trainees. They are given projects and  platforms to practice and apply what they have learnt; where they have to use their newly acquired skills ‘live’ with situations they face at work. They are encouraged to make mistakes, obtain feedback and learn from their experience – and practice till the skills become second nature.


M4: Motivation

We identify the right motivation for respective trainees and keep the individuals focused on their goals. Unlike most motivational talks that offer a short burst of energy, we seek different approach to ensure long lasting results. We help individuals to get inspired from within, by aligning the right skill sets to their goals.


M5: Multiply

We help clients multiply their successes. Very often when individuals have achieved a certain level of success, they get settled in their comfort zone. We constantly help them challenge their status quo and seek more personal breakthroughs where they previously could not have done on their own.