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Psychology of Promotion: How to stand out, fit in and get ahead!


Lusi Lim

Lusi Lim winner of The Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award of Singapore (2012)

“Tonight, while we are celebrating the glory of human success, we must not forget: One day, our wealth, fame and power will all become irrelevant because it will all come to an end…”

Lusi Lim
Chief Coach, CEO

Great Women of Our Time (2012)

Lusi Lim, emerged the big winner for the 2012 “Great Women of Our Time” event, hosted by Women’s Weekly magazine. She took home an award under the Finance & Commerce category, as well as an award for the ‘Most Inspiring Woman’ as voted by readers of The Weekly’s September 2012 issue via an SMS poll.

Lusi helps companies drive predictable and repeatable revenue growth – through the application of tested sales strategies.

Her clientele through the years have included:  chairmen, presidents, Chief Executive Officers (CEO) of multi-national corporations, Small Medium Enterprise (SME) owners, top sales personnel and executives from diverse backgrounds.

Her illustrious career has involved:

  • Starting her career as an accounts assistant in one of the Big 4 firms in Europe, earning  her 3 big promotions in 4 years
  • Rising through the ranks from a junior consultant, going on to earn 9 promotions in 8 years to become the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the same firm
  • Increasing employee productivity and business growth – generating an increase in income and employee bonus by 200%
  • Having fostered a collaborative, positive and dynamic corporate culture that increased stakeholder value


Expertise as a Life Coach

Lusi’s track record as a life coach speaks for itself. Her clients come back to her again and again because of her:

  • Expertise in identifying critical blindspots of individuals that deter their career growth
  • Ability to bring out the potential of individuals that they have never known existed
  • Skill in helping individuals to attain clarity and direction in aspects of their life – be it career or relationships
  • Proven experience in helping individuals develop discipline and focus. Hence sustain motivation and work performance

“Lusi has been instrumental in guiding and helping me to achieve my goals…Always willing to give a helping hand with no strings attached.”

 Yong Lee lee
Retired Medical Doctor

“Lusi has an amazing ability to inspire me to move into a decision – a necessary action for my utmost interest.” 

Ng Eng Poo
Manager, Starhub

The diagnostics was so precise, so spot-on, that I saw a lot of myself that I have never seen before. This has helped me increase my self-awareness. I finally realised why I was stuck in the comfort zone, had refused to change and lived in procrastination…The Diagnostic Test was a wake-up call for me. I then took immediate steps to change in small ways!”

Terry Teng
Professional Host 

“I learnt more in 5 weeks about managing different types of people than what I have learnt in my entire life! That gave me a great headstart in my first job and I get along very well with all of my colleagues and my bosses…” 

Kate Tran
Student, National University of Singapore



Honoured by her clients as a “Sales Legend” who practices Responsible Salesmanship

“Earning $30k a month was almost a mission impossible. Sponsoring my whole family for a Europe holiday was just a dream too far. Owning several condominiums was simply just a daydream. Many people live in that illusion. But my illusion became a reality when I met Lusi. She has changed my life. She did not just tell me how to get there. She showed me the way and brought me there.”

Fenny Maynard
Group Manager, Elite Club, Walton International

Recognised by her clients, sales professionals and proteges as  ‘Sales Legend’  in the sales industry, few have come close to what Lusi has accomplished:

  • Top sales producer across 7 countries for 8 consecutive years
  • Consistently breaking personal and company sales records – even in recession
  • Grooming top producers in sales who started with no prior sales experience
  • More than 10 years sales experience – as top sales investment producer across 7 countries
  • Having led the NO 1 office across the globe in 8 consecutive years
  • Proven sales leader across 7 countries – with the highest grossing sales revenue as a division
  • Track record of turning around business operations from loss to profit in 70 days!
  • Monthly income of over  $300k
  • Mentored and groomed thousands of sales people and business owners to earn the top dollar
  • Major speaker and trainer across Asia, in the United States and Canada for revenue and business turn around


Premier Speaker, Master Coach, and Trainer

Lusi has also been a key note speaker for major sales launch events that include: global investment products launched throughout Singapore to target crowds of more than 300 high net worth clients in a single event.Despite her busy schedule as a sales leader, her training sessions are in high demand with sold-out attendance.

Usually packed by junior sales personnel who have just started in their career and seasoned sales personnel earning more than $50,000 a month in sales commission, her sessions are highlighted with immediate sales returns of more than USD$1 million within the first hour of sales personnel using the strategies she taught.

In coaching, Lusi has also worked with a sales group whose staff strength of 107 personnel were reduced to less than 30 personnel. Yet she has helped brought sales revenue increase by more than 600% in less than 6 months.

“She always goes the extra mile…She is the best mentor I have ever met…I have gained tremendous improvement in closing many sales transactions under her guidance…Thanks to her training which has made me an Elite Sales Producer today!”

Caddie Teo
Senior Team Manager, Walton 

“I reached my peak in my sales career in 2010 when she trained me in the same year. Her unconventional ways of training has helped many of us at the company reach personal sales targets in the most efficient way.”

Karen Tan
Team Manager, Walton


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