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Lee Hing Profile

Lee Hing

“Fight like a Honey Badger! Fearless! Impervious! Invincible!”

Lee Hing has the unique exposure of working with the homeland security services. During her stint as an Inspector of Police, she has developed a unique set of skills by working in situations that are highly reactive, which require immediate responses, accurate judgment of situations, and interviewing for criminal investigations.


A Unique Class of Sales Elite

These experiences have helped her in her 2nd career where she joined as a full-commissioned Sales Consultant in a multi-national land investment company.

During her decade in this industry, Lee Hing fulfilled the financial objectives that many had only dreamed of, or gave up trying. She rose to the highest echelon of the elite class of sales professional – consistently securing more than USD$1 million in sales revenue a year and ranking top 5% of whole sales force. (The Elite Club Award).

3-Star Specialist in Lusi Group

Lee Hing’s secret lies in her ability to connect naturally with people, creating goodwill and building years of long-term business and personal relationships. What makes her special is her ability to touch the hearts of people she knows, and inspire and influence them to constantly challenge their status quo, thereby driving a dynamic cycle of personal breakthroughs.

She is also a master in the skill sets relating to the ability to deal with people, be it in the social, corporate or sales world. This transference of skill sets to others has enabled her students to step up to the next level, and pay it forward to many thousands of others, thus creating an avalanche of great accomplishments.

What our clients say about Lee Hing:

Just being around Lee Hing’s admirable personality and genuine character has subconsciously infused me to be better. As the adage goes “imitation is the best form of flattery” and I have discovered myself imitating my leader and good friend in many aspects of my life.

Kenneth Kwan
Team Manager, Walton International

From my first encounter with Lee Hing, I knew I could trust her without qualms, to handle my investment funds. Since then, she has substantially exceeded my expectations in all aspects & proven herself to be the most trustworthy, capable and professionally proficient individual I know.

Chan Bee Hong
Group Financial Controller, Furama Hotel

I was feeling lost in my career as an Executive Life Planner with Great Eastern.

Fortunately, I met Lee Hing, she encouraged me to achieve my dream and dare to soar like an eagle. Getting out of the comfort zone was tough but she guided me patiently. She identifies my blind spots that no one ever noticed.

Despite the short months that we have worked together, I am able to witness the positive results which I always doubt would be possible. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude for her commitment. I believe she will impact many more lives ahead, just like how she impacted mine.

Chua Cirong
Executive Life Planner, Great Eastern


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