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Psychology of Promotion: How to stand out, fit in and get ahead!

Lap Pong - Formal

Lee Lap Pong

  “It’s never too small, too old or too late to make a change.”


Lap Pong has more than a decade of experience working in fast moving business environments that require inter-cultural collaboration between departments, empowering him with the unique understanding of business operations, specifically the training functions.

Major in Real Estate and armed with a wealth of experience in the investment industry, Lap Pong began his journey as a trainer as early as his schools days and continued to hone his skill sets through his subsequent industrial endeavours.

As he last served as a Vice President, Training before joining Lusi Group, he had the privilege of managing Training & Development Departments across Asia offices, which involved design and development of product and sales and development strategies for induction of new sales consultants.

A Combat Engineer Army Officer who specialized in military explosives in his National Service days, he will excite you with his mind-blowing training methodology!

A Different Breed of Trainer

Lap Pong’s unique brand of wit and humour gives him a cutting edge in connecting, training and motivating learners, enabling him to bring out their best based on their individual profiles.   Recognized also for his creativity, Lap Pong has designed, developed and hosted numerous large scale team building events for major corporations and has garnered rave reviews.


Conversant with Operational Issues

Lap Pong has the uncanny ability to forge strategic alliances across departments and different local offices around Asia.  His skill in forging these in-house partnerships and alliances has helped reduce potential employee bottlenecks, increase workplace satisfaction and secure buy-in with administrative staff for top management initiatives.

Lap Pong’s attention to detail in deciphering business operations has enabled him to interpret business nuances, especially in business situations where clients are big-ticket investors that require immediate and professional C-level attention that is down-to-earth.


What our clients say about Lap Pong:

  • “After undergoing your training, I am able to perfect my presentation and my sales results improved tremendously. As the saying goes, classroom situation will never be the same as real client situations. But, I am able to apply the skills I learnt everywhere I go. With your unorthordox and exceptional creative training, I’m sure any person of any traits or background can get comfortable with it!!”

    Favien Teo, Sales Consultant

  • “After going through Lap pong’s training, I have picked up a lot from his that are practical. For me, my initial sales experience was not indicative that I would be proficient in sales. I was introverted, quiet and seldom talk. However, Lap Pong did not give up on me and helped me even after the training.

    His training has helped me in my sales. Not only that, it also helped me to open up my social circle, and I have learnt to converse and relate to strangers in the cold sales market as well. I believe what I have learnt is a lifelong skill. The training I undergo works, and it will work on anyone!”

    Tay Zaiyu, Sales Consultant

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