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Psychology of Promotion: How to stand out, fit in and get ahead!


Image Secrets & Business Etiquette

Ladies, Is How You Look sending the Right Message In Your Office? If you can answer Yes, you will never have to worry about not looking your best, losing your job – or being skipped over for promotion”

Instead you will be in big demand, earning great money, doing what you love, in a job, from anywhere you choose to live in the world


Dear reader,

For years now, you have seen it… how the world out there is so is bizarre and just so unfair…

On one hand, there are people who bust their butts working year after year …slogging their daylight away for bosses and managers who don’t bother much about their existence… to earn a paycheck so meager you struggle to pay your bills.

But then on the other hand, there are those who seem to have their way…with people in the office.

I’m talking about people who get thing done through people in office.

Their colleagues love them – they seem to have wind beneath their wings, their bosses invites them to do presentations – and everyone’s eyeballs just glues to them when they talk up there…

They really enjoy their work – and all the attention they get in this world, it’s not uncommon to get promoted.

These people walk past cubicles, and people just look on and trace their steps in awe.
You may know some of these people. And my guess is … you’d like to be just like them.

Now you can!

In fact, I am going to show you how to do it …step-by-step in one day.

“Discover the image secrets that people at the top use – to get people to Like them, Dress well, Grab attention – and have people think highly of them.

Things that the top management may never tell you!”


My name is Lusi Lim, CEO of Lusi Group

Over the years, this has been my track record:

  • Started career as an accounts assistant, 3 big promotions within 4 years, fast-tracked into Management in a Big 4 firm, London, UK.
  • Rose through 9 ranks from a junior consultant to be the COO (Chief Operating Officer) of a Global Investment Firm.
  • More than 10 years as top sales investment producer across 7 countries.
  • Managing local operations – and creating a culture where everyone loves to go to work – and doubling employees’ bonuses!
  • Lead the NO 1 office across the globe in 8 consecutive years.
  • Track record of turning around business operations from loss to profit in 70 days!
  • Monthly income of over  $300k. Some months, I earn a staggering $500k!
  • Mentor and groom thousands of people to earn top $$$
  • Recently retired in my 30s but can’t sit still!


And if you are still reading, this is for you.

In this one day seminar, you are going to meet me face-to-face. And you get to interact  with me, hear from me, and ask me questions. This will be a ‘no-holds bar’. Session where I will share with you what got me to the top – and made me who I am today.

You will hear directly from me what the top management in companies
Look out for that get you to the top of your corporate success.

They are looking for image. Not just any professional image.

But an image of trust, credibility – and results.
An image that says, “I like you. I think you are the person for the top job.” 

Here are the Highlights I will cover that will shift you to a new level – and I will tell you exactly what you need to hear. To get you to the top!


They are as follows:

Dressing appropriately

So you look like you belong to the top, without being an eye sore
Accessorising appropriately – So you create a impression that stays!
Effective wardrobe selection – for corporate functions that can get you to shine! 

Know what wrecks your image – and don’t do them!

Paying attention to image destroyers – for women
Coaching you step-by-step in make-up for the occasion!

X-Factors: How to Stand Out, Fit in, & Move Ahead

Charisma – getting people to like you
Expressing a body language – of credibility and influence


This seminar is especially for those who:

  • Want to get tips on how to be at the top of their career
  • Want to get connected and be recognised among their peers
  • Want to be proficient in business function, without looking clumsy
  • Want to get appreciated & be person of business stature
  • Want to increase their influence and move to the next level of their career


If you think you want to make 2012 the year of recognition, career growth
And make things happen at work, let’s meet up and make it happen!