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Psychology of Promotion: How to stand out, fit in and get ahead!

IBCT Students

Individual Behavioural Competency Technology (IBCT)

Soft Skills that Propel your Relationships with People.



What if you can master the strategies for climbing the success ladder – from someone who has done it successfully?

What are the qualities and behaviours of those who have reached the top of organisations?

Is it possible to actually know how to achieve career success – and have a game plan?

Whether it is getting promoted, being recognised for your job efforts. Even if it is as straightforward as knowing your boss’s expectation and creating company buy-in. Schools have prepared us to be academically equipped. Yet when it comes to soft skills – to relate to colleagues, manage office politics, and evening out differences – it is an art that can only be learnt from those who have successfully been there, and done that.

Course Highlights
You will undergo a 90-min diagnostic session to effectively understand your strength, weaknesses and blind spots. A full diagnostic report will be handed out to you on the findings and prescription will be given to help you correct your blind spots for immediate action. You will also put through the 5 training modules as follows:

  • Manage your boss and get the job done to his satisfaction
  • Horizontal and vertical communication
  • Getting the recognition you deserve and earn that promotion
  • Handling critics and office politics
  • Even out differences and win votes

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For those who want to:

  • Know how to speak and behave correctly to be appreciated, and garner support at the workplace
  • Manage your colleagues’ expectations to increase your chances of promotion
  • Learn to manage your superiors’ expectations – and leave naysayers helpless with you
  • Get the job done with tricky situations and difficult people

Who Should Attend

  • Those who want to be recognised for their worth in social and workplace
  • Those who want to manage bosses and colleagues thru effective communications
  • Those who want to win support and make your colleagues as your “walking ambassadors”

Hear What Our Proteges Said:

“The IBCT course exceeded all my expectations. I learnt more in 5 weeks about managing different types of people than what I’ve learnt in my entire life! That has given me a great headstart in my first job. I am getting along very well with all my colleagues and my bosses. All thanks to the practical skill sets that I acquired – particularly the 8-steps of effective communication! I feel so much confidence towards my future because I have a life coach and a role model who walks side by side with me and guides me in my life.”

Kate Tran
Student from National University of Singapore

“Lusi has taught me lessons that have extended beyond the classroom. I have also learnt life skills that can be applied to everyone I meet.  I can see results, especially when I take the conscious effort to apply what I learnt in class . I am more aware and conscious of the feelings of others now before I speak up.  I have learnt to be thankful and more appreciative of those around me.  I have started to apply ‘The 8 steps of communication’ in my emails for a start, especially when the right choice of words to influence others is so important.”

Janie Lai
Police Officer, Police Force

“I have been facing problems with my sales team.. this session with Lusi Group has given me the opportunity to apply the lessons I learnt from Lusi with my sales stuff. For the past one month, I have witnessed tremendous changes. My staff are beginning to make their presence felt, be more active and more involved at work. They are exercising the initiative to stay back after work beyond 7pm when the need arises – without my prodding. After teaching what I learnt to my sales stuff, to my surprise its works wonders! Now I can see a lot of fire in them!

Oh Sin Long
Business owner of Wy Wa Pte. Ltd.

“I’m glad I met Daniel, Lusi & everyone at Lusi Group. IBCT is for everyone and anyone who could do with a little bit more improvements in their communication – especially for the workplace. The classes have been fun and the techniques work!  If everyone in this world practice just one technique learnt in class, the world would be a much kinder and positive environment to live in. Thank you to Lusi, Daniel, Adrian, Lap Pong, Lee Hing and Li Chuin for changing our lives, and specifically life through your work.  Keep the good work!”

Zhi Yu
Assistant  Manager, Turf Club

Trainer’s Profile Lusi Lim is the founder of Lusi Group. As Chief Operating Officer (COO) of a global investment firm, she led the Singapore office to become the No. 1 revenue generating sales force across 7 countries for 8 consecutive years. She started her career as an accounts assistant in one of the Big 4 firms in Europe, earning 3 big promotions in 4 years.In her next venture in investment, she rose through the ranks from a junior consultant, winning 9 promotions in 8 years to become the COO of the same firm.

During her tenure as a COO, she was a well-respected leader, known for walking the talk and leading by example. Her skills in putting the right talents in the right place with the right motivation, led to an increase in employee productivity and business growth. As a result, employees were well recognised for their effort, and this brought an increase in income and employee bonus by 200%.On top of that, she fostered a collaborative, positive and dynamic corporate culture that increased stakeholder value. Read more

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