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Psychology of Promotion: How to stand out, fit in and get ahead!


How to Handle Market Downturn & turn it into an Opportunity


The recent years of market panic and financial crisis have crippled organisations and led to a major exodus of clients across industries. Here, our sales specialists share what are the steps to manage these crucial conversations and salvage deals in these tough times.

Course Highlights

  • The psychology of objection handling
  • How to deal with rejections particularly in critical times?
  • The 2 rules to observe in dealing with rejections in critical times
  • Suggested steps to handling any objections
  • Sampling objections – with guided answers



  • Learn to stay calm and manage your conversation!
  • Learning to deal with special objections in unusual market panic!
  • Seizing opportunities to close more sales during times of market panic!


Who Should Attend

For sales professionals who want to learn to turn around clients on the brink of loss in seasons of market panic; and want strategies to close even more sales.

Trainer’s Profile

Lusi Lim is the founder of Lusi Group. A former COO of a global investment firm, she is known to be a legend in the industry with her outstanding leadership and responsible salesmanship that saw her breaking all sales record year after year. She started her glittering career as an accounts assistant in one of the Big 4 firms in Europe, earning 3 big promotions in 4 years.

Embarking on her next venture in investment, she rose through the ranks from a junior sales consultant, earning 9 promotions in 8 years to become the COO of the same firm. Her amazing sales achievements include:

  • Led the Singapore office to become the No. 1 revenue generating sales force across 7 countries for 8 consecutive years
  • Managed over US$100 million in clients’ portfolio
  • Top producer for 8 consecutive years, with 400% more sales volume than the next top producer
  • Top global sales across 7 countries for 8 consecutive years
  • Coached and increased number of top sales individuals from 6 to more than 20, which led to sales increase of more than 400% within a year
  • Coached individuals whose income went from less than S$1,000 to more than S$20,000 a month

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