Dear Fellow Corporate HR Leaders

Very often, companies spend a lot of money and resources to upgrade the skill sets of their staff to raise their productivity level, yet the results and revenue are not forthcoming. Why is this so, you may ask?


This is because there is a lot of emphasis on upgrading the “hard” or technical skills of the workers, as well as upgrading the office equipment such as computers and software. What is harder to “upgrade” is the level of cohesion and cooperation among the staff members, where office politics and personality clashes often take centre stage and where loyalty to the company takes a backseat to pursuing individual financial goals.


At Lusi Group, we believe that staff morale, productivity and bottom line are closely related.


This is where my leadership background and experience as a Sales Leader and Chief Operating Officer of a Multi-National Corporation comes in. From my years of experience, team-building is the most effective and efficient way to raise productivity in a company. Team building has helped me to build a corporate environment where individual productivity is raised to a more optimum level.


This concept of team building workshop has also helped me to bring together sales and backend staff to work together as a single unit with a unified goal. Most of all, team building has contributed in raising the company’s revenue by more than 32% annually, even during the recession, with just less than 0.1% of the company’s resources.


It is, therefore, no coincidence that when I became the COO, I have led the Singapore office to become the No. 1 revenue-generating office across the globe. Hence, I would like to invite you to share with us your company’s challenges, and it is with great pleasure for us to show you how team building is able to improve staff morale and create a dynamic company culture which will, in turn, increase productivity and revenue.


At Lusi Group, we have the capability to take your business to the next level!


Lusi Lim
CEO / Chief Coach of Lusi Group

Key Benefits
  • Increase effectiveness of Goal Setting
  • Alignment of company goals
  • Improve manpower cost efficiency
  • Influence bottom-line
  • Improve communication and free up corporate bottlenecks



  • Enhance cohesion in corporate structure
  • Improvement in staff engagement
  • Recognise cultural diversity and appreciate differences
  • Encourage staff responsibility and accountability



  • Provide sense of purpose for staff tenure
  • Provide distinct company direction and corporate identity for employees
  • Establish clear communication channel in staff-management relationship



  • Foster better understanding across department
  • Improvement in inter-department bonding
  • Promote closer collaboration between work groups
  • Forge alliances to build high-performance team
  • Create happy company culture



  • Strengthen sense of belonging to company
  • Cultivate loyalty through incentive
  • Increase staff retention rate



  • Create buy-in with Management leadership
  • Build followership among leaders
  • Alignment of company values and vision
  • Build brand awareness
  • Regain confidence in change management


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