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Psychology of Promotion: How to stand out, fit in and get ahead!

Daniel Lau Profile

Daniel Lau

“The only way to do Great Work is to do what you LOVE.”


Daniel is a person who will strive for the very best in whatever he does. This is demonstrated by his excellent track records dating all the way back to his schooling days.

He was awarded Certificate of Merit during his polytechnic days; this award is reserved only for the top 5% of the Cohort. He subsequently won himself a Scholarship to the University of Queensland Australia, where he was in the Dean’s list for 3 out of the 4 opportunities.

His pursuits in excellence are not limited to just education. In the army, because of his superb leadership skills, he was hand-picked to be an army officer with 30 men under his wing.

In his career as an investment consultant, he was promoted to be a manager in just one year. Not only was he a top producing manager, he had also successfully trained new sales personnel in duplicating his success. Over the years, the team under his charge had won numerous team awards.


Expert in Body Language 

Daniel is well known for his practical knowledge in body language. His course is very well received not just because of its practicability but also because of its very localised content applicable to the Singapore context.


Frontier Marketing

‘Think out of the box’ is an understatement in describing Daniel’s creativity in Marketing. How about think like there is no box? Sometimes it is not just about how creative you can get but rather how well you can translate those creative ideas into results!


Premier Speaker and Trainer

Daniel also has practical speaking experience. This includes being an emcee for public functions, speaking in business seminars as well as hosting his own courses and workshops.
What our clients say about Daniel:

“The sales training/ coaching has helped me connect with clients, and achieve my business goals!

Cliff Lee, UOB Banker

“The insights and skills I learnt have moved me to the next level – in meeting my business needs and sales revenue goals!”

Jin Goh, Owner
Merlion Corp Pte Ltd

“The experience of the training has taught me to be a better communicator and a team leader!”

Sam Lin Xie
Telecommunication Engineer

“Daniel is a very engaging trainer. Always very eager to answer the queries of his participants. He is a very well prepared trainer. I definitely enjoyed the session conducted by him!”

Gwendolyn Tan
Executive Life Planner

“Hi Daniel, I want to thank you for the body language class yesterday. I haven’t fully mastered everything yet but I was able to notice that my prospect was in a closed position… I didn’t present until he became open. And then I manage to close the deal!”

Chua Cirong
Executive Life Planner, Great Eastern


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