Penetrating into the High Net Worth Client Market

The art of closing high-net-worth client.

April 20, 2023
10AM - 6PM


Lusi Lim
Chief Coach | CEO


114 Lavender Street #11-76 CT Hub 2 Singapore 338729   View map



The High Net Worth Clients Market

The sales professionals who earn the most, enjoy the highest levels of career satisfaction, and reach the top of their careers are those who can do these things well. They know how to:


  • Get face-to-face with high net worth prospects.
  • Smoothly and effortlessly execute selling skills that lead to a professional relationship with high net worth prospects.
  • Manage high net worth relationships and build client loyalty
  • Generate ongoing introductions and referrals.


Now nothing is more vital than mastering high net worth selling. 
Not your brochure, team name, contact management system, professional certification, or platforms provided by your firm. 
People of wealth are cautious buyers. As their wealth becomes public, more and more people try to sell them something, and they are quickly turned off by marketing gimmicks and sales pitches. They resist these approaches and the person using it.


Facts and data have very little effect at this point if clients feel they just can’t trust the person who presents the data. These clients feel even more upset when they feel they have little understanding of all the financial jargon presented to them. Although many are “targeting” the High Net Worth Client market, they are not confident about taking the steps to meet with those investors face-to-face.

You will learn the following
  • Learn to manage your image when managing High Net Worth Clients
  • Learn to get your clients back for repeated business
  • The specific skill set required to attract High Net Worth Clients
  • Choices of words when speaking with High Net Worth Clients
  • What keeps High Net Worth Clients loyal and supportive to a certain sales professional
  • How to close that big order
  • How to get the High Net Worth Clients to like you!
  • How to manage a professional conversation and make a great impression last
  • How to close the big sale like a breeze while others struggle to even go near them