Individual Behavioural Competency Technology (IBCT)

Soft skills that propel your relationships with people.

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Dear Aspiring High Achievers,

Communication between people has always been regarded as the most important element in building and winning relationships – whether at home or at work, or in social or business settings.


In many of the job frustrations people experience today – be it not being appreciated by bosses, not getting the due recognition and promotion you deserve, dealing with difficult colleagues and work tension in office, or even handling challenges brought over from strained family relationships – have been credited to communication, or the lack of it.


I would attribute my personal success to my ability to connect with people, to be able to communicate my intended message to them, to create buy-in and win them over. My communication techniques and styles have been honed over my years as a junior sales consultant, right up to being a Chief Operating Officer in my career. My skill sets have provided me the ability to deal with thousands of clients from all walks of life. They have helped me to better manage my bosses, communicate my expectation to my subordinates and inspire them to a higher level of performance, resolve many conflicts between staff, and manage what most people would dread – office politics. And it is the same skill sets that enabled me to retire at a young age of 35!


I hope my story can inspire you to learn the fun art of communication, specifically soft skills, that have brought me success at every level and won many friends. I would urge you to find out more about this program which I have personally crafted and developed based on my years of life experiences, to empower people with the communication ability to express themselves and shine more in their lives, be it at home or at the workplace, so that they can do more, achieve more, and become more.


CEO | Chief Coach
Lusi Group

3 Phases of Learning

  • Phase 1: Diagnostic

90 minutes of one-to-one consultation with our specialist to identify critical blind spots and mental blocks that hinder individual success.

  • Phase 2: Experiential

Lessons that involve real life experiences, practical and “spot on” feedback, “hands-on” guidance to desired results.

  • Phase 3: Lifelong Mentorship

Lifelong continual learning at our quarterly meetings, and mentorship with no expiry date to upkeep the positive changes made, to ensure the skill sets stay relevant.

Phase 1: Diagnostic

Every Individual is unique with different challenges and learning style, hence we adopt “different strokes for different folks” methodology.


At Lusi Group, our experienced Specialists help you through a one-to-one session to:

  • Understand your personality
  • Identify your critical blind spots and their root causes
  • Seek direction (e.g. If you are in the right career, etc)
  • Assess your skill sets in – relationships building, communication, leadership, etc


Thereafter, our Specialists will give immediate advice for necessary changes according to the findings and to ensure you participate in right courses – to fix the root cause of your challenges and to learn the relevant skill sets that generate results.

Phase 2: Experiential

Understand yourself and others. Make people receptive and comfortable with you.

Know how people prefer to be communicated to. Understand what they think and what they want, even before they say it. Get ahead of others by being able to anticipate their behaviour/preference based on their personality and “hot buttons”.

  • Checklist to know whether your communication is successful!
  • Learn to build genuine relationships through appreciation and acknowledgement of others.
  • Personality profiling that allows you to understand human behaviour



Overcome your own blind spots and manage other personalities

Learn in-depth about the DISC personality

  • Learn how to communicate, impress and not to irritate respective DISC profiles
  • Choice of words, body language, pace and tonality that appeals to the different profiles
  • Critical blind spots of each DISC personalities and how to overcome them



Get things done through effective communication

The art of persuasion is one of the highest paid communication skill sets. Also, make your life a breeze by learning how to expand your influence and get things done through people. Overcome this daily challenge that we face in our life.

  • Uncover the “hot buttons” that directly influence a person’s decision, and what motivates them into action
  • The famous “8 steps” of Effective Communication
  • How to obtain favours from colleagues/clients – to help you beyond their work scope



Be a Person of Influence

Uncover the real reasons why some people seem to be given all the opportunities and have things their way all the time. Even those who constantly get promoted do not do it by accident, or by luck.

  • What it takes to be a Person of Influence
  • How to manage and motivate your subordinates
  • Understand the psychology of promotion



Handle human conflicts and create win-win relationships

Getting to the top requires creating buy-in and working with people with unusual personalities. Facing situations of disagreement, you need a skill set to turn differences into win-win situation and to foster agreement.

  • Respond positively to critics
  • Deal with different situations of human conflicts (office politics)
  • Proven ways to prevent office politics
  • Technique of Agree to Disagree



Phase 3: Lifelong Mentorship

Right from the start, a personal mentor is assigned to guide, monitor and follow up with the progress of each student. And our commitment is not just to help our students in sustaining results but also achieving bigger milestones as they progress.


In addition, a special learning platform “League of Angels” (LOA) was established, running on a quarterly basis, to help students refresh, revise and learn other modules beyond what were covered in their respective courses. Each graduate is entitled to attend LOA on a complimentary basis for as long as they wish. There is no expiry date to our lifelong mentorship. We pride the success of our student as our top priority.


Below shows the LOA topics for the year of 2017.  You may click on the individual topic to find out more.