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Dear Fellow Aspiring Leaders,

Leadership is a test of character. Period.


In today’s pressure-cooker society where survival of the fittest is the name of the game, only people with leadership capability and character have the ability to last through tough times. All of us go through tough times, not just leaders or managers, and our character can be built and developed with much dedication, time and effort. Not just for those in managerial positions, we help individuals develop inner strength and rise to the occasion when times call for it.


During this course, you will be put through various real life situations where you will undergo experiential learning to overcome “road blocks” and pick yourself up from any failure. More importantly, we will help you be empowered from within to embrace life’s challenges and roll with the punches. No two people will have the same experience, as each participant will be provided with the opportunity to undergo a journey of unique self-discovery that is both fun and enlightening. You will learn essential skills such as critical decision-making and crisis management, and your tenacity will be tested in times of adversity. You will pick up important life skills that will stay with you for the rest of your life and act as your guiding force to sail through the uncharted waters of life.


My meteoric rise from a junior sales consultant in a Multi- National Corporation to become the Chief Operating Officer within just 8 years is nothing short of hard work. I have been put through thousands of difficult life tests and countless crises in managing a team. And this course is the summary of my life experiences that have impacted me and shaped who i am today. The real journey of leadership can only be learnt through walking it.


In Lusi Group, we mould all dedicated individuals and propel you to a level beyond your imagination. Seize this opportunity today and embark on an unforgettable learning experience with us.

Remember this: Competence may get you up there, but character will make you stay up there!


Lusi Lim
CEO | Chief Coach
Lusi Group

Course Modules

Leader’s Brain – How to cultivate the core leadership values and beliefs of Top Leaders

Learn the values and beliefs that great leaders live by. Start to build within yourself by sitting in real time scenarios and be tested to your limits. Pick on their minds to see how these leaders operate in crisis:

  • Revelation: 6 must-have values of a great leader
  • Real life tests: Crisis Management
  • Strategic thinking and “live” execution
  • Ability to make tough but right decisions



Leader’s Heart – How to think, see, and speak like a great Leader

A true leader does not just perform in peaceful conditions but is able to step up in adverse situations. More importantly, he must be able to turn every bad news into an opportunity and move people into action:

  • Removing mental blocks
  • How to be captain in rough waters: turning bad news into opportunities and inspiring the team to break barriers
  • Speak and motivate like a leader
  • 7 steps to execute a new discipline, regime and vision
  • Real life tests: how do you generate resources from scratch



Leader’s Hand – How to walk the talks like a true Leader

Anybody can make an easy and popular decision but it takes a real leader to make the right and tough decision! And learn how a great leader manages and translates his emotions into high and powerful performances:

  • Time management
  • 5-step strategy to manage your emotions in challenging times
  • Right decision versus popular decision
  • Real life tests: can you still make right decisions under pressure and when the stakes are high



Leader’s Proficiency – The Judgment Day

The final test that befits a finale of a great leadership program! Put yourself through a series of challenges to consolidate the leadership qualities you have built within you – and excel with unbelievable results:

  • Leaderships critique
  • Thinking on your feet
  • The Leader’s “pitch”
  • Excel with influence