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How can you earn someone’s Yearly Income within a Month?

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How you can earn someone’s Yearly Income within a Month and do it with Tremendous Personal Growth!



Sounds impossible? Well, this was what I felt years ago before I met the right mentor.

I was the Certificate of Merit holder of NYP (Awarded to Top 1% achiever) and later got a scholarship from University of Queensland. I did so well academically and therefore believe that I would achieve so much more in my career as well.


I was Dead Wrong!


I didn’t have any promotion, what I got is the miserable 3% annual salary increment; this can’t even beat the inflation! I am sure you can relate to me very well. Working hard in the corporate world is definitely not going to work out, at least for most of us.

About 10 years ago I met my mentor cum friend – Lusi, not only she showed me the way in achieving 5 digits monthly income, I actually did it! It F**** work! And I did it within 18 months and feeling 110% fulfilled at the same time.


So what is the secret you asked? The secret is to have someone to coach and guide you personally, not anyone but specifically someone who had successfully achieved what you wanted to achieve.  And there is no better person than Ms. Lusi and her group of Specialists. Combined they have more than 30 years of coaching experiences and had successfully coached thousands of people in achieving breakthroughs in their life.


I am a living example. Through her coaching, it had transformed me from an introvert to an inspirational leader. Not only it has brought me huge advancement in my career it has also brought me tremendous enjoyment in my personal life.



Here are some other Testimonials

Background of Ms. Lusi

She came to Singapore at age 15 without knowing a word of English. 20 years later at age 35 she already has the choice to retire with beyond 20 million dollars net-worth. She has so far coached and groomed hundreds of Singaporeans to achieve more than 5-digits monthly income. She is also the winner of Top Ten Outstanding Young Persons Awards of the World 2012.

Lusi Lim – Winner of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World Award 2012

Lusi Lim – Featured in local news paper on how she made her millions, via sales career, before retiring at age 35.

Lusi Lim, emerged as the only double awards winner for the  “Great Women of Our Time” event, hosted by Women’s Weekly magazine. She took home an award under the Finance & Commerce category, as well as an award for the ‘Most Inspiring Woman’.

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