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Psychology of Promotion: How to stand out, fit in and get ahead!


Lusi Lim

Lusi Lim winner of The Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award of Singapore (2012)

“Tonight, while we are celebrating the glory of human success, we must not forget: One day, our wealth, fame and power will all become irrelevant because it will all come to an end…”

Lusi Lim
Chief Coach, CEO

Great Women of Our Time (2012)

Lusi Lim, emerged the big winner for the 2012 “Great Women of Our Time” event, hosted by Women’s Weekly magazine. She took home an award under the Finance & Commerce category, as well as an award for the ‘Most Inspiring Woman’ as voted by readers of The Weekly’s September 2012 issue via an SMS poll.

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Daniel Lau

“The only way to do Great Work is to do what you LOVE.”


Daniel is a person who will strive for the very best in whatever he does. This is demonstrated by his excellent track records dating all the way back to his schooling days.

He was awarded Certificate of Merit during his polytechnic days; this award is reserved only for the top 5% of the Cohort. He subsequently won himself a Scholarship to the University of Queensland Australia, where he was in the Dean’s list for 3 out of the 4 opportunities.

His pursuits in excellence are not limited to just education. In the army, because of his superb leadership skills, he was hand-picked to be an army officer with 30 men under his wing.

In his career as an investment consultant, he was promoted to be a manager in just one year. Not only was he a top producing manager, he had also successfully trained new sales personnel in duplicating his success. Over the years, the team under his charge had won numerous team awards.

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Lee Lap Pong

  “It’s never too small, too old or too late to make a change.”


Lap Pong has more than a decade of experience working in fast moving business environments that require inter-cultural collaboration between departments, empowering him with the unique understanding of business operations, specifically the training functions.

Major in Real Estate and armed with a wealth of experience in the investment industry, Lap Pong began his journey as a trainer as early as his schools days and continued to hone his skill sets through his subsequent industrial endeavours. Read more