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Psychology of Promotion: How to stand out, fit in and get ahead!


Business Quotient

Skill sets that optimise IQ and EQ to enhance business performance. With the Business Quotient (BQ), we work alongside corporations to:

• Improve business revenue
• Enhance customer loyalty
• Increase personal productivity
• Build leaders for competitive growth

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In a sales organisation, sales revenue is everything. Period.

Driving revenue performance requires more than just training sessions. And all organisations are continually on a quest to inspire their sales teams to: make more sales appointments, generate more qualified leads, shorten the sales cycle, and transit to a close that would have more repeated business. And referral business as well.

To top it up, it is a constant uphill task to build strong, robust sales teams. That’s when companies like yours need – a sales specialist, a relationships strategist to guide them in building strong robust network that translate into business for them.

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Sales Plus

Obtain the Unfair Advantage of managing Unusual Sales Situations that can turn your business around, motivate your sales force – and influence the bottom-line when the going gets tough!

Our key note speeches are known in the sales industry to address prevailing business issues, address market concerns, and assist sales professional in regaining confidence for their product offering.

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The difference between organisational performances – is leadership. Nothing more. Nothing less.

And leadership is never defined by attributes – but by a person’s ability to draw results from his team members – especially in crisis times. Greatness in leadership is only revealed – when adversity arrives.

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Team Building

Individuals grapple with real issues that need real answer:

  • Goal setting to increase revenue
  • Improving department cohesion
  • Increasing employee engagement
  • Forging alliances – even building high performance teams
  • Build followership among leaders
  • Build brand awareness among employees in times of change

You need more than team building. Organisations need to increase productivity, create more workplace convenience – and get people working to influence the bottom-line.

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