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Psychology of Promotion: How to stand out, fit in and get ahead!


Ace That Presentation

Stop Wasting Time And Present In Such A Way Your Audience Will Say Yes! 


“Being in a sales environment requires me to do presentations to a large group of people and getting them to say Yes. The practical tips and critical advices of the course had definitely help me in achieving that!”

Kathy Chin
Relationship Manager, Standard Chartered Bank


Dear Presenter,

Does this sound familiar to you:

You have worked hard on preparing your presentation for 2 to 3 months AHEAD of time. This has involved days of quiet research. You sourced out the facts and data and were sure it would back up what you wanted to “sell”.

You have also put in effort to design your powerpoint slides – graphics, animation and all. And you ensured that all the info was up-to-date and relevant.

You practiced speaking to yourself in private – to be sure it created the effect you intended.

But then came the fateful day. When you spoke – your boss just did not look impressed.

Is this something you find familiar at the workplace?

Bar charts, statistics, and frequency graphs.  You also made sure attachments and annexes with all the info was standing by, neatly filed in.

You thought you have done a brilliant presentation – yet your “boss” looked dissatisfied. And people tend to misunderstand what you say.

But then on the other hand, there are those who seem to have a way with their presentation.

People just like what they present.

They know how to capture the attention and the heart of the audience. They speak “the language” that gets the audience to appreciate and agree with them. They seem to be able to present the logic in such a convincing and animated manner –that the audience love it! And they keep the audience entertained.

Their “bosses” like what they have presented. Be it a real workplace boss, a colleague, a  family member or even a friend – they know how to get a “Yes!” from those around them.

If this is what you are open to learning – then this One Day Program may be for you.

Step-by-step, you will learn how to present in such a way, that you can get your “boss” to say “Yes!”

Hear What Our Proteges Said:

“I like the structure and clarity of how Lusi teaches. Now I have the ten steps to check and reference with for all my future presentations!”

Vince Ho

Vince Ho
Sales Manager, Savills

“This course was truly engaging and let me have many take aways. Lusi make us practice with a lots of hand-ons, it is then we learn and grow. Its with those practices that help to in-grain the skill sets into us!”

Grace Fu

Grace Fu
Online Marketer

“Ace That Presentation workshop reveals the secrets of Powerful presentation! Lusi creative teaching methods also help us as students truly absorb the essence of the techniques”

Wang Yi

Wang Yi
NUS Graduate

“This course has empowered me with the ability to prepare a presentation that will capture audience attention. It is really an interesting course! Not only did Lusi corrected my mistakes she also provided me with tips and ways for me to better my presentation. Truly customised course! 

Annie Reis

Annie Reis
Key Account Manager, OCWS Logistics


Program Highlights

  • Mistakes people make – blindspots that set their presentation to fail!
  • Ways to open up any audience – so you keep them engaged!
  • Top 5 pointers to create a presentation that works!
  • Presentation skills for different target audience – different strokes for different folks
  • Use the right choice of words – to ignite the desired response, create emotional connection and convince them!
  • How to make it interesting – even with dry facts, and sell your ideas!

Trainer’s Profile

Lusi Lim is winner of the TOYP (Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award) 2012 as well as the only double awards winner of the Great Women of Our Time 2012 under “Finance & Commerce” and “Most Inspiring Women” categories. She is highly sought after as a life coach whom had transformed thousands of people’s lives – individuals that range from average office executives to CEOs of companies.

Lusi’s meteoric rise includes an Accounting Scholarship from London School of Economics, making her first million at age 27 and earning an amazing 9 career promotions in just 8 years – She rose from a junior sales consultant to become the youngest and first female COO of a multi-national investment company. And she is comfortably retired at the age of 35.

The secret behind her success lies on the set of soft skills that she has methodised and inculcated over her entire lifetime.

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